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Normzart Greeting Cards was founded in 1985 by Honolulu Symphony clarinetist Norman F. Foster. Based in Honolulu, Hawaii, the company has served music lovers across North America. Some customers have included Harry's Music Store (Honolulu), Youngerman Music Company (Des Moines, Iowa), the Metropolitan Opera Guild (New York City), St. John's Music, Ltd. (Winnipeg, Canada) and the Honolulu Symphony Associates. Individual customers have included internationally acclaimed double-bassist Gary Karr, Honolulu Symphony trombonist James Decker and Honolulu Councilman Duke Bainum.

Here's a message from Norman:

The beginnings of Normzart Greeting Cards can be seen in my childhood sketchbooks, which are filled with cartoon characters and wordplay. As a teen, I found myself drawn into the world of classical music, studying with one of the best clarinet teachers in Illinois.

I started college majoring in art, but tranferred to music. I went on to complete two music degrees, but I never gave up art. When I joined the Honolulu Symphony in 1985, I started to develop a line of greeting cards, drawing inspiration from two sources - my love for music and my love for the Islands.

When I'm not developing new card designs or performing with the Symphony, I enjoy playing chamber music concerts with my colleagues or performing with Solmati. In 1998, I started the Red-Hot Lava Chamber Music Festival, featuring guest artists from out-of-state.

Thank you for visiting this Web site. We hope you enjoy the greeting cards.


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Members of the Honolulu Symphony oboe section show their delight in receiving a Normzart birthday card featuring the oboe. Brian Greene, left, and Jason Sudduth celebrate their birthdays just days apart.

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